Please,Not again 

Lip stick the color of wine

Teeth as white as snow

She looks into the mirror

Looking back is this person she once was

This figure

Ready to configure
To reveal her heart to a new man

A man who may not be ready for all her hurt

A man that is good who loves God and his family but a man not so ready

She tried giving her heart a break but this man came and took what he can take

He took her body,her heart and her soul

This unbelievable connection

It won’t break

Please don’t break
For one time more she allowed someone to Come in and stay

Stay for a while and relieve the pain
But that’s not what this man does

He has no intentions

He has no emotions

He is just there

Not sure what is Gods purpose with him in her life but she looks back in the mirror and puts on her silk back dress ties back her hair and meet the man

For one more time to try to give herself this chance at love.

If it falls and breaks this time,it’s over. It’s over, there’s no more.



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