A letter for you 

A letter to you.

Ever since the day I met you things got a litter better and the sun shined a little more.

I used to write about all the hurt I’ve been through but now all I have to write about is you. There are no stormy days,or crashing ocean waves. The storm has calmed and the waters are blue.

Your structured face,your dreamy eyes,and your forgiving,caring,gentle heart.

The day you entered my life I never knew you could or possibly can become so important to me.

Things have changed now and I see this future with you.

When things happen I immediately think let me tell you.

When things goes wrong I think let me tell him,he can make me feel better.

I’m trying to not make this serious.

I’m trying to catch myself before I fall but you’re oh so irresistible.

Your kiss so crave worthy.

Your mind so pure and intriguing.

Let me in.

Let this be something.

This letter to you

Let it change the way I think

Let it change the way I write.

A letter to you.

Thank you

Thank you for giving my heart a break from breaking.




Its been a few months now and I’ve become slightly numb.

When I hear your name I still smile at the thought of you,my heart beats a little faster,and my head goes cloudy. I still feel the pain from when you left me and I still cry. Its taken me a little time to realize I may still be in your heart and maybe the timing was wrong,but I hope you come back someday. Ive been told many times now “its time to move on” and I can see that may be healthy,and that may take my mind off of you for some time,but its you who I want to be with. I see you with her and apart of me is happy for you and wants you to be happy,but another part of me wishes it was me,wishes she never took that position,and wishes you were saying those three special words to me. I still remember how you said it,and what it meant to me. I still feel the rush and excitement that someone could feel that way towards me. Sometimes when I lay in bed I think of it all. It brings back a lot of emotions,but mainly I feel numb and my head goes clouded. I hope you know I still love you. I hope you know I’m waiting. No matter what you say to me,or how i see you with her. Im still waiting.